About Us

Our records retrieval service is designed to provide a thorough and efficient process for obtaining a variety of records through subpoenas and/or the use of authorizations, with state-of-the-art record retrieval procedures.  With over 30 years of service to the legal community, we are knowledgeable of state and federal rules of civil procedure and provide quality service for each individual client or law firm. 

Our specialists ensure that all legal requirements are met while providing you with the ease of placing, tracking, and downloading your orders with our online system.  Our goal is to provide you with the high quality of service that you expect.

HIPAA Compliant Record Retrieval Services Include:

  • Subpoena services for all areas of litigation including: medical malpractice, insurance defense, class actions, mass tort (asbestosis, silicosis, black lung, pharmaceutical, environmental, etc.), personal injury, and products liability.
  • Ability to retrieve records nationally using federal subpoenas.
  • Operational best practices allows us to retrieve records with accuracy and timeliness.
  • Provider of records retrieval by way of authorization.
  • Client portal allowing you to place orders and track progress online as well as view records on the repository.
  • Secured, encrypted transmission and storage of all documents.
  • Imaging and copying services available for discovery and trial preparation.
  • Assist medical providers and hospitals to comply with records requests and subpoenas that have been received on their patients.
  • State-of-the-art web repository allowing clients to download their records, view up-to-date status reports, review invoices, and manage all of their orders in one central location. 


Quality Records Retrieval ("QRR") can retrieve records with signed authorizations or through the use of a state or federal subpoena.  In the case of a subpoena and deposition by written questions (DWQs), QRR will comply with all applicable state or federal laws, regulations, and statutes in regard to subpoena preparation and service.  Throughout the process, QRR is proactive in securing the earliest possible date for delivery of the records and will communicate any issues or delays as soon as they arise.

Retrieve Records

QRR works with records custodians to set up the appointment for our Field Team to copy the requested records as soon as the objection waiting period has passed.  We strive to retrieve records more quickly and cost-effectively than other records retrieval companies.  These savings are then passed on to our clients.  

Process Records

Once the QRR Field Team is onsite, records are scanned using high-volume scanners.  Images are then sent electronically over a secure FTP network to QRR's Production Team where electronic images are reviewed for quality assurance and are then Bates stamped.  Next, the documents are sent through QRR's proprietary website where they are placed into an additional quality-review step.

Deliver Records

Completed orders can be delivered to QRR's clients in various formats including hard copy, PDF, or burned to a disk or jump drive.  Orders are delivered as quickly as possible and can also be viewed immediately via a secure website.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike other records retrieval companies, the value QRR provides clients doesn't end with the delivery of records.  QRR can also organize the records in print or electronically in chronological order and by document type, which enables expedited analysis of the records.  QRR staff includes experienced paralegals who have extensive experience with summarizing medical records and preparing a paid/incurred chart of medical expenses.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the quality of service you deserve.

Disclaimer: Quality Records Retrieval does not claim to be attorneys or law firm employees and does not provide legal advice to the general public. Nothing on this website and/or any statement made by representatives of Quality Records Retrieval is intended to be nor should be considered legal advice. Each legal matter is unique and specific; as such Quality Records Retrieval encourages every individual and business to seek the services of an attorney concerning their specific legal matter.

Quality Records Retrieval provides support to the legal team and stands by the following statement:

 “We are not licensed attorneys in the State of Texas and may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.”

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