The only records retrieval company located in Collin County, Texas

Quality Records Retrieval (QRR) is the only record retrieval company located in Collin County, Texas. Our goal is to provide unparalleled service to law firms, insurance companies, and medical providers in a quick, cost-effective way thus taking the hassle out of obtaining records or providing records to third parties. We consistently strive to deliver records at the earliest possible date and will communicate any issues or delays as soon as they arise.

Law Firms – The professionals at QRR have over 30 years of experience in the legal community in various capacities and are knowledgeable of state and federal rules of civil procedure. We are experienced with the issuance of subpoenas and deposition by written questions (DWQs) to obtain records from third parties and can also obtain records through authorization and a business records affidavit for use in litigation.

Insurance Companies – QRR can assist insurance companies with obtaining records allowing you to better evaluate a personal injury claim before offering settlement or before the claim becomes a litigation matter (sometimes called a “pre-lit evaluation of liability”). Our paralegals and staff professionals will review medical records in an attempt to locate the “smoking gun” in your claim (pre-existing conditions, aggravated injuries, etc.); create a detailed medical chronology and a summary of expenses; and review the obtained records to determine the need for requesting any records from additional medical providers. This is an invaluable tool allowing insurance companies to know the true value of the claim before offering settlement to the claimant or denying the claim outright.

Medical Providers – We understand that as a healthcare provider, the patient is always your top priority. The QRR staff provides assistance to records departments of medical providers such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, and emergency/urgent care facilities so that you and your staff can focus on the delivery of medical care to your patients. With this in mind, QRR will make YOU our top priority. QRR seeks the opportunity to take the headache of processing records requests off your hands and offers service geared to relieving your staff from handling this time-consuming process. In litigation matters, we are experienced in processing subpoenas that may be received by your office and providing records through authorization. You’re always available for your patients. And we're always available for you, providing the people and high-quality service you can count on – day in and day out.

Our professionals ensure that all legal requirements are met while providing you with the ease of placing, tracking, and downloading your orders with our online system. To learn more about QRR and how our company can assist you with obtaining the records you need, please contact us by calling #469-617-3008 or by e mailing us at We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the quality of service you deserve.

Disclaimer: Quality Records Retrieval does not claim to be attorneys or law firm employees and does not provide legal advice to the general public. Nothing on this website and/or any statement made by representatives of Quality Records Retrieval is intended to be nor should be considered legal advice. Each legal matter is unique and specific; as such Quality Records Retrieval encourages every individual and business to seek the services of an attorney concerning their specific legal matter.

Quality Records Retrieval provides support to the legal team and stands by the following statement:

 “We are not licensed attorneys in the State of Texas and may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.”

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